Frequently Asked Questions

While we may enjoy hearing from you, you might instead find it quicker to review our FAQ panel for a few of our frequently asked questions before you reach out to us for help!

Our basic domain hosting and administration fee is set at R149.00 p/m and includes regular performance testing, update administration, maintenance and of course the monthly hosting. For certain SME's and NGO's this fee is open to discussion.

Our domains and hosting costs are actually very similar to competitors. However, because we provide the full hosting experience together with the setup of your website, cPanel interface, regular security updates and mandatory monitoring, we automatically include these accompanying fees in our domain pricing per month.

A basic 1-3 page website from start to live can be complete in as little as three business days provided we are supplied with all the image and text assets needed to be presented on your website. Our quickest build has been in no more than 24 hours!

Cancellations are welcome at any time. However, should the cancellation request be received after the 15th of any given month, your actual cancellation will occur in the following month preceding and the current month's service fee will be due.

We strongly advise all our clients to ensure that their service fees are paid on time before or on the last day of the month. Should the fee not be paid in time and an additional 30 days pass, the domain will be cancelled and a re-activation fee of R350.00 applied. Clients can make use of our online payment portal to automate their monthly domain hosting payments.

Simply complete our request form and supply us with the domain name required to be transferred. Once your processing fee is paid with the invoice provided, we will initilise the transfer request from our side. The original domain owner will then need to accept the transfer request via email. Currently we offer domain transfers free of charge!

Depending on the online store plugin or system we decide to use for your business demands, an additional subscription fee with your domain hosting and administration fee will be required. Plugins such as Ecwid, Shopify and BigCommerce usually carry an additional subscription fee. If you are building your online store on a budget and would like to minimise charges, we recommend WooCommerce, AbanteCart or OpenCart as the preferred online store plugin/ system - this however can carry a few drawbacks such as limited exclusive features, limited merchant support or premium plugins and add-ons. Talk to us about the right setup.

Product installations usually range from R2.00 to R50.00 per product depending on the amount of product preparation required. We strongly recommend providing product data on an Excel spreadsheet, particularly if your catalogue is large. This will help get your product integrated asap and reduce your installation costs. Product images that are of reasonable quality in a 1:1 ratio with minimum dimensions of 500px x 500px are also desired for swift setup.

Yes! We welcome all developers to participate in our domain and network expansions. We will negotiate a flexible reseller fee on your behalf. Additionally, access to the cPanel account and FTP details can be provided so that you are able to manage your client's domain and website efficiently. Feel free to contact us for more information and to arrange a domain registration.

Yes, we cater for thorough end to end online store integration to the point of setting up a logistics carrier to handle your requests and fees. Currently we are able to integrate for MDS Collivery who have support for a number of online store plugins such as WooCommerce and Ecwid. For more information feel free to contact us.

Still need help? Drop us an enquiry using our contact form.

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